P is for President!

Do you have a child interested in the presidents? My oldest finds them fascinating. He loves to listen to audio books, read books, and find other resources about various presidents. We have even had the opportunity to take him to visit several different presidential homes and birth places. He is really looking forward to our President’s Day studies. President’s Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February in honor of George Washington’s birthday. It is a day that many focus on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln but is also used to honor all of our nation’s presidents.

For the younger crowd it is a great time for fun stories, crafts, and great snacks. For the older children there are also great math activities, writing prompts, history lessons and lots more. This is one of the holidays that is easy to incorporate from preschool all the way to high school. The focus can be as narrow as George Washington or as broad as the Presidential History of the United States.

In our house this year, we are going to do some of the fun preschool snacks, a coloring page, and a couple of cute picture books for the youngest (though I’m sure everyone will enjoy the snacks). The parfaits will probably be our go-to snack since it is simple and nutritious. My older children love making pancakes so I may let them try their hands and the presidential pancakes. The older children will each pick a presidential biography to read for their reading assignment for the week. In addition we will use some of the grammar sheets below as a nice review of some concepts that they seem to be forgetting in their writing. We have spent a great deal of time studying Washington and Lincoln already this year as we go through Our Journey Through History. Therefore, I plan to have the focus of most of our activities be on other lesser studied presidents.

I will also probably include some time to watch the 60 second videos about different presidents. We also may spend some time focusing on the presidents from the Reconstruction and Gilded age which is the period of time we are focusing on this month in  Our Journey Through History. We have the audio version of Heros of History Theodore Roosevelt that we are listening to this month as well. Depending on how our time is going and how interested the children are we may incorporate some of the other activities into our lessons that week.

I’d love to know how you celebrate President’s Day and what resources you think your children will most enjoy. Let me know in the comments. Also, if you are looking for any other resources ask in the comments and I’ll see what I can find.

Printable and Online Resources:


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8 thoughts on “P is for President!

  1. Great ideas and resources! I wish I could get my kids interested in learning about the presidents. We’ve tried and have read a bit about some of them but we have so many more to go.


  2. so many interesting learning activities and resources. Thank you! Presidential facts and such are something we need to work on, so I’ll be revisiting this at a later date. Thanks for sharing this week at our Encouraging Hearts & Home blog hop!


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