Groundhog Day Resources

While certainly not one of the most important holidays on our calendar we do enjoy a bit of fun on this day. It is a great chance to focus on weather or other related topics, especially with young children. I think what mine enjoy most about Groundhog Day is the pancakes. We found a cute idea for making pancakes that look like ground hogs several years ago and the children really enjoy them.


With small children you could spend the day or even the week learning about seasons or weather. Another great focus would be on ground hogs and other similar mammals. My older students will mostly continue on with their regular studies but we will be adding in a fun writing prompt about Ground Hog day. However, with my three year old we are going to spend some time talking about the weather with a few fun sensory and art projects.

We will also enjoy reading some great books and maybe sneak in a Magic School Bus episode on weather. I also found this great free groundhog art lesson.  This is one of those days that we get to enjoy a bit of fun without a lot of  added stress or expectations.



Cul-da-sac Kids Piggy Party (My daughter loves this series.)

Gregory’s Shadow

Groundhog Day (Sammy the Bird) (free with Kindle unlimited or only .99)

My Favorite Animal: Groundhogs (free with Kindle unlimited)

Weather for Kids (.99 on Kindle at time of posting)

A Kid’s Guide to Weather Forecasting (.99 on Kindle at time of posting)

Magic School Bus Kicks up a Storm book or Video.


Preschool Weather Theme

Free Writing Prompts

Groundhog Number Cards

Spring Chalk Art Bundle (including a free groundhog lesson)

Spring Themed Art Lessons (including one on rain)

Shadow Drawings

Weather Graph

Groundhog Day Hundreds Board

Rhyme Time

Groundhog Day Videos

Free Printable Set K-3

Recipes and Snacks:

Groundhog No Bake Cookies

Cupcake Push Pops

Groundhog Day Pudding Cups

Groundhog Day Pancakes

Also check our free resource library with history freebies, recipes, and more! There is a great winter bucket list that would be fun for a snowy day.

Resource Library and Affiliate Disclosure

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Resource Library 

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Deals and Freebies!


My Snowman Paul is Free on Kindle and many others in the series are less than $1.


Are you looking for a free Bible study that your whole family can enjoy? The Proverbial Homemaker is offering up a study of James that is FREE for a limited time.


NOT CONSUMED is having a great sale on her Bible studies right now as she prepares to make some changes and additions to the age levels.  There are some great deals at clearance prices. We are currently enjoying the one on the ‘Fruit of the Tongue‘.




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